Less Than A Week
The Bad Notes podcast is less than a week away from going live and I am so stoked. I can't wait to hear what people say about this story. Since we can't listen to the podcast yet, I've provided some behind the scenes details below.

The whole thing is written and performed by me. In the near future, I'll be able to feature a few guest voices as the story becomes a little more complex. These first episodes also briefly feature Adam Martens, my partner in crime-fighting who shares co-hosting duties with me at the Be Mega Podcast.

Every episode will feature a different "Mix Tape Guest," which not only serves as a way for me to share my own musical tastes with you, but also gives each episode a brief intermission.  The first episode's guest is "Chron Goblin" and the second episode's artist is "Devil Electric." I want to give them all high fives for being cool enough to let me feature their music!

Finally, the show's title soundtrack and many of the closing songs are performed by Ethan Meixsell. I could listen to him jam on an axe all day long. Instead, I decided to feature his music regularly in the podcast. Thanks, Ethan!

The bottom line is that all of this is going to make one hell of a Halloween treat next week and I hope you're ready to feast. To paraphrase a wise man with a chainsaw for a hand, "Catch ya on the flip flop."

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