Lesser Gods and Mortals
Lesser Gods and Mortals is a WW1 story I wrote sometime before the Knights of the Slice.

The protagonist is Grayson, a British soldier at Seine. He's a brutal fighter and has earned himself the knickname "the Angel of Death". He also paints his gasmask jet black with a skull over the face. 

I eventually lost steam on the story, but no good ideas ever die. I'm happy it's come full circle and I can bring Grayson back!

I've always wanted a WW1 based toyline. Erwin sculpted this beauty a few years back. Battlefield 1 coming out two years ago really reignited this idea for me. It's slowly been in the background but I never found the right avenue to release these figures.

Bobby Torres did a wonderful job casting these figures. He even did the paint master shown above (note: this version is not part of the sale). 

One day I'd love to make this figure a real production piece, but not sure if it would be successful. 

Oh...and there is a secret comic attached to the package for those lucky enough to get this style figure in the drop. The also include brick arms weapons, which are a little undersized (and I don't recommend forcing into their hands) but that hopefully add a little something to the experience. 

One final note- I highly recommend you watch the Kubrick film Paths of Glory if you are interested in WW1.