Lesson four: Get rid of something
You need: A piece of paper (a strip would be nice) A pen Scissors A candle (and something to light it with) Originally, this formula was used to target toothaches. It's pretty efficient for that ( I'd still recommend that you see a dentist) but you can also use it to get rid of other things you don't like. Especially things that annoy you, like an overly chatty neighbour or a bad smell in your car. Note that this formula will not harm your neighbour or make him/her disappear; it will simply remove or lessen the chatting in some way. Take you piece of paper and write ABRACADABRA. Yes, that's right and no, this is not a joke. It is actually a real spell. Focus your mind. Think of your problem and nothing else. Then you cut off the A at the end and you burn it. Proceed to cut off and burn one letter every day. When you get to that last A, your problem should be resolved. Note: If you forget to do this one day, the formula is useless. Throw it away and start over. Another version of this looks like an upside-down pyramid (as in the picture). You can also write that, if you like. In that case you cut off one row every day, starting of course from the bottom.