Lesson TWO is TODAY!
Dear Patrons,

TODAY IS LESSON TWO in the Simple & Basic Learn to Draw classes.

We start at 2 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

These classes are open to the public for a fee or FREE to Patreon supporters at certain levels.


Those of you at the $8 and above level that paid in March, you should have your free link for today's class in an email I sent you at the beginning of the month. I instructed you to keep that email handy. 

NOW would be a GREAT TIME to go and check that link works for you and that you are able to get into the lesson.

Can't make it live? No problem it will be recorded with all the comments the live viewers experience.

Not a Patron yet? Click the link above and see what all the fuss is about, purchase the first class which is already there, recorded and sign up for today. Become a Patron this month and receive the FREE links for next month's classes in YOUR email.

Thank you for sharing and supporting Mixed Media Art at the Kraaft Shaak.