Lesson two: What to do when you are nervous
You need: A little salt Some water A piece of clean cloth, or a clean rag. We've all been there - when we have to face something that makes us really nervous. Maybe because we are afraid of failure. Or because we're among strangers. Or because we're trying something completely new. There are many tricks - meditation, breathing techniques, soothening music, affirmations. Many of these work rather well. But sometimes you simply don't have the time. This is when magic comes in handy. All you need to do is take a clean piece of cloth (or a clean rag). Make it a little wet. Now create two round damp spots, about as big as your thumbnails, on the inside of your wrists, a centimeter or two below your palms. Take a little salt and rub the damp spots with it in circular, counterclockwise movements. Start with your "weak" hand (that is, your left hand if you are right-handed), then do the other. This will suppress a lot of your nervousness. The effect will linger for about two hours. Why does this work? Because we pick up energy from others all the time. We tend to be extra sensitive to energy that is on the same level as ours. When we are nervous, we pick up nervous energy and that energy enhances our already nervous state of mind. (This is also why happy people are drawn towards each other and feel extra good together.) The salt dampens our ability to absorb energy. The wrists are especially sensitive. You may compare energy with sound - you can feel sound with your entire body, but you need your ears to hear it. The area on the inside of your wrists, right below your palms, is the most energy-sensitive area on your body. Using salt here will stop you from "over-dosing" on the nervous energy around you, when you're in a state where that could easily happen.