"Let it be Forever"

The light goes down
A mark from God
You’re shaking now
Your brother’s blood, left alone
What have you done?
Your father’s boy
Your mother’s son 

As my first official post, here's an Animas Morte piece I completed. There’s a lot of symbolism and hidden meanings everywhere in this piece. But Spoilers. (also no he is not Cain nor did he kill his brother its all figurative and symbolic)

I'm gonna let myself rant here a bit more than my other sites. But basically, there are two things I love in an art piece and that's nods to the classics or to influences, and I'm heavily influenced by the classics, I have to admit. They're what got me into art and  Animas Morte is definitely the project I can go all out with nods to older works. There's no direct references here, as far as i know, but the rays of light around his head are direct references to, specifically, the catholic imagery. Which does have to do with this story, as it happens.

One more note. I'm thinking about opening up a shop, and this piece would definitely be on it, as well as others I've posted on my Tumblr and Twitter. Anyone interested?

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