Let them Eat Steak (made of mushrooms)
Hello, I am the Roninpawn.

I'm issuing a formal apology for all this 'slow and sparse' on the channel of late, and thought I'd offer some explanation.

Today is my birthday. And it being rather inconvenient to have a birthday midweek on a Tuesday - for which I have also issued formal apologies (check your fax machines) - family and I opted to celebrate it on more convenient calendar terms. So here's how it's rolled out since middle of last week:

Thursday, Brandon Frye and I premiered our collaborative short-film, "I'm Going to Break Your Heart," at PJ's Lager House, a local bar in Detroit. We got together at 4p, landed at the venue with a car load of gear at 5p, then went about setting up equipment and coordinating with the house and sound engineer until a bit after 7p when the show started.

The night involved, as one might fathom, a fair few drinks, and being the hosts of the evening we were amongst the last ones out, just a bit before 2a. Suffice it to say, Friday was a recovery day with some editing and uploading snuck in. 

Side note: An announcement video will be coming soon, linking to the official release of "I'm Going to Break Your Heart" on Brandon's YouTube channel.

Carrying on -- Saturday was when birthday celebrations were best for my dad, so we took the day at a golf range on the back end of Belle Isle and a meal out in Hamtramck. Good times.

Sunday was the regular livestream, which if you were there for you'll know, ended prematurely when xx_APV_xx donated me a copy of 'Duskers' on Steam and in my excitement I somehow blew out an artery or something. Sudden fatigue and a lack of blood to the brain shut me and the stream down an hour early and left me couch-bound, and otherwise playing a fresh start of XCOM: Long War privately.

Incidentally, I'm actually pretty good at XCOM when I sit quietly, playing attentively. Into the back-half of month three, I've only lost two soldiers and one of those was a pure fluke. Pretty sure at the same point on the streams I was already having to scroll down the page to see the full list of the fallen. Probably had already killed ItsASecretToEveryPony twice.

I've already got seven planes in the hangars, a laboratory boosting research times, two satellites up, and everything (short of the engineer count) needed to put in a Nexus. Laser guns just came in, along with the seventh-man mission slot, and I've even successfully fielded a basic shiv without getting it immediately blown up. (You may recall that was a bit of an issue for me.)

Bit I digress.

Monday was the day that made most sense for me mum and I to get together for a homemade vegetarian birthday meal. Let me tell you: There is no reason to eat steak ever again. In my previous meat-centric lifestyle I only ever had one truly good steak that finally made me understand why people go on about them. So apparently you need a master chef to prepare one right. And meanwhile, since becoming a (mostly) vegetarian I've had countless steaks that were every-single-one perfections of deliciousness.

They're called Portabella mushrooms, people! You soak them like you would a steak, maybe with some zip sauce, but definitely with some liquid smoke. Bake 'em on low - they WILL shrink - and if you want you could sear 'em on the grill for a little carcinogen burn.

EVERY CUT is the good part. No gristle, no chewy chunks of fat, no worries over whether its under or over cooked. Slice THAT into strips and stuff it in your carne asada hole! And leave the poor cows alone. Even without the whole 'murdering a sentient being' angle, they're just an inferior culinary delight. Mushrooms FTW.

And that gets us to today. My house is a bloody mess in every room and needs a serious going over from the running affairs of the past week. I got my bicycle out of storage from my mom's  house so that sits upside down with one wheel detached, waiting in the most likely place: The kitchen. My laundry sits in a bag, clean and folded but still awaiting delivery to the drawers. The golf clubs are blocking the entrance to my bedroom. A folding table has been deployed in my dining room, erected to record a video that I haven't had time for as of yet.  And there's a brand new 1080p camera drone sitting in my bedroom, virginal and un-unboxed.  

There is truly much to do. (What the hell are you wasting time typing for?!)

Housekeeping aside, it's time to get back to it. I'm thinking I'll dump all the unpublished livestreams from the passed few weeks onto the channel all at once to buy me a day to get some editing done. That said, I find it difficult to put a good solid edit on... nothing, and nothing is my current reserve. So first thing - right here, right now:

Time to play some games. 

(maybe I'll have a shower first.)