First alpha release, WOO! (1920x1080  for best resolution)

Things to remember:

Your choices matter! 

Currently, you need a perfect score with any given character to activate their Love Point effect in combat! If you don't see any during the combat scene then you probably didn't say the right things!

There will be bugs!

I made the storytelling/combat systems so I 100% expect to find bugs in the alpha! Please let me know what you find.

This is a demo!

I will be adding more as time progresses! I wanted to give you guys something for supporting me. Rather than waiting until I had X amount of content ready I decided to release what I have available. :] 


  •  The play button is currently disabled due to a bug. Please use the New Game and Load buttons to play!
  • I wasn't able to test if the game worked on Mac (I don't own one) but I'm including the build anyway. If you have a Mac and it worked let me know. I'm going to look into testing OSX with a virtual machine soon.

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