Greetings, good people of Earth! And special thank you for the new members of The Insaners. Now shall we start on our quest? Are you ready? Good, let us set off. First post!

I know I said I want to post short stories and serialized works. But I've been thinking too hard on this, working most of the time to edit the first drafts. So why don't we start with the simplest and shortest works? 

Okay so, on November 2014 Queensland Writers Centre asked its followers on twitter if we could fashion a sci-fi or fantasy short story in 140 characters. The person who won got a little present from QWC. So naturally I entered, tweeting 2 stories; one space opera and one fantasy. And few days later QWC replied one of my stories. You guys can see what they replied. I won! Yes, it was 2 years ago. And yes, it was just a small and appreciative draw. But hey, I still cherish it and it shows I can do more. I take what I can get. Hahaha. And that's the point of this first post. Begin small. Take the first step and don't forget where you come from. So enjoy these 3 twitteratures, 2 of which I sent to QWC 2 years ago, and a 400-word flash fiction. SET FORTH!

  • Skygazer and its crew are at the edge of a new galaxy. Lightyears away from home and onto a new and vicious planet, Earth.
  • The dying screams have finally ended. He cared not for a boy's fear, for Hipperchi was now the most powerful Summoner of Elementals.  
  • The day they descended, cities burnt. Fire upon fire upon fire. The day Prometheans came to Earth, chaos reigned. 
  • You Only Die Once 

Her phone beeped and she was dreading it. The television showed a scene of chaos. The female reporter was frantic, putting extra effort explaining to the world the terror unleashed upon the downtown. The text on her lower body summarized whatever the fuck was going on. 


 Lucia hated that term. She hated the reporter. The news and the circumstances that led to it. She hated her friends for just shaking their heads and giving empty comments. The cold night has now become warmer by rage. She hated the phone call and the pressure to answer.

The phone beeped again and Lucia picked it up rather reluctantly. But instead of lifting the device to her ear, the screen lit up for a video call.

 'Hey, babe,' the face, no, the mask said. 'Seems I have to cancel my birthday dinner.'

'No. No. No.' Lucia's voice came as soft as a whisper. Her throat shook as she forced every bit of word out. And her rage too, out of every fiber of her body and soul. 'No. Shade, please leave. Just come home.'

Shade took out his mask and revealed a painful smile. Lucia's heart sank as she looked at his consumed face. Bruises from earlier fight his nemesis inflicted were still fresh. Shade was tired and reserved, but somehow peaceful. Hard though it was to admit, she knew when an end was approaching.

'I am sorry, Lucia,' said Shade. 'People need to know and I just cannot ignore my conscience.'

'Fuck them. They don't care,' she said. 'They already know that you aren't a hero. You don't have to sacrifice.'

It was weird how in the middle of the buzzing, in the middle of hard noises caused by the propellers, both of them heard each other. It was clear as one can hope, despite the disturbances they would always listen to and find each other. Shade smiled one more time, this time was more of a grin.

'I'll wait for you, then,' he said.

'No. I'll bring you back.' 

Shade shook his head, trying his best not to break his gaze. 'It's impossible. You only die once, you buffoon.'

'I will make it possible. Your friend is a witch doctor. You manipulate shadows. It's a crazy world we live in.' As tears started to stream Lucia fought harder to hold them. And as a result her voice was a whisper once more.

Shade smiled.

'I will make it possible. Shade-'

The video call ended. Tens of kilometers from where Lucia was watching the news, the night sky lit up in beautiful colours.

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