LeTBS 0.7 progress report
Hello, it's nearly one month since the last update. I'm doing my best to release a big update per month (or so) given the current pledges.

Have been busy with some real life problems and I'm only at, like 70% completion of the 0.7 version. I finished the summoning system (it's pretty cool & fun :D), fixed some bugs, reworked the HUDs (not definitive) and the positioning phase, added a battle logs window, added a tactical mode add-on, inspired from Dofus (Surprise,  Chaosicaa ) ect. What really need to be completed is the AI system and some minor stuff, now. At the same time I'm working on an isometric engine which is goind pretty well.

I know one month is a little long but I'm already doing my best according to the pledges. Speaking of which I'll make some change about the goals. I'll give more details later. Take care and get ready for 0.7 it'll be an huge update, as always.