Let's Bounce - YCH Auction 05
Here's part 5, the last page of the YCH comic mock-up "Let's Bounce!" The last page starts with a series of auction winners' characters reacting to Bouncer's impending explosion. Then there's a big group shot of everyone drenched from the blast (which will not be gory). After a moment of sitting still and clutching himself, Bouncer stands up and shamelessly flaunts his fully-healed 6-pack along with that mutant healing factor! Of course his abs appear to have healed upside-down. To this Bouncer drops his shades and says, 'Ah, s'fine! It'll be right-side-up in the mirror!'

While this is the end of the rough draft of the comic, stay tuned to find out how to get in on the action! 

Contains: one muscle gut inflating to bursting, some very-nearly-traumatized furries, one very sudden end to a party, Bouncer's Logan-esque regeneration powers, and 1x reverse deal-with-it