Lets-Build-A-Game-Together, Super Livestream
Does this sound like something you guys would be interested in? This would eat into time I spend doing tutorials and I want it to be something valuable. You guys are the ones funding my work. I'd feel wrong taking your money if I knew I was producing something you weren't interested in:

So I've been thinking about this one. Some of you may remember from my Patreon update video I was talking about the idea of doing a ludum dare style livestream where I build an entire platform game from scratch. I wanted to think about the best way to do a series where we show the notion of 'Finishing' a game and I feel like something where I just kind of... well, actually build a complete game, is the best way to do that.

I've been thinking about this more and would like to do something like this:

I'll release a video in the next few days explaining what it is I want to do, which is for a few weeks I'll be livestreaming at twitch.tv/shaunjs on a specific day/time, probably Mondays for most of the day, as we build a platform game together from scratch. I'd also like for you guys (my Patrons) to be able to contribute to the design or help influence mechanics etc.

The streams will get uploaded to YouTube in their entirety for people to watch if they want/incase they miss the livestream. I can also do a fun time lapse at the end as per my usual Ludum Dare type thing =)

We'll build menus, saving, options, credits (with all of you guys ofcourse!) and everything else necessary to call the game 'finished'. Then I'll even go through the steps of uploading it to itch.io and publishing it.

The advantage of this is I could cover a ton of stuff during these streams and build things in a specific way that my more 'general' topic tutorials don't really allow for. It will also help showcase game design decisions and thinking, as well as level design, and go beyond just technical demonstration which is what my videos are largely limited to.

After it's all done the source code will be available for everyone to learn from and/or base their own game around.