Let's Do Popcorn! 11-27-17

For years the smart guys told us we had to restrain ourselves and stop making so many babies because the Earth could not sustain us all.

We bought it. LOL

Look where that's gotten us. The end to the very thing they wanted to keep going and they did it to themselves. LOL aren't we cute? Don't you just love a righteous bad guy?  Ponzi schemes cannot succeed without population growth. They collapse upon themselves when there is less to bring in than are already in. 

Depopulation. The very ones who needed growth convinced their populations not to grow. ROTFLOL 

The thought was we can take in immigrants and keep growing that way. The problem is the immigrants do not necessarily wish to join the club no matter how nice you are or how 'prosperous' you are.  Making war on nations so their populations will come to you is no way to live. That is ass biting thinking. As in the one thinking that way gets their ass bitten. You have but to look at Europe to see that.

China even went so far as to outlaw having more than one child, a policy that has been rescinded. It has left them with a smaller population and a spoiled one. One child doted on by all.

Yet India never stopped. The country that will provide the most growth is India not China as much as we worry about selling to China, we should do the same for India. 

So don't listen to the smart guys.  They are not smarter than you about you even if they think they are. That's ok. They can think that. It doesn't make it true for you.  In the end they are always proven to be pretty dumb. Ex. Peak oil LOL sure sure we are drowning in it now so how's that working?  

The only one you can believe and trust is yourself. You can put your faith in another but in the end it is you who reap what you sow. You choose to believe another or yourself. 

Nearly two weeks after the Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, approved legislation to designate nine US backed media organizations as foreign agents, Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially signed the bill into law. LOL

The Russian government has acknowledged the radiation cloud in the vicinity of an aging Soviet-era nuclear plant. But it refuses to admit culpability.

The state department is using 700k to help Georgie & Pals in Hungary. The old man's death scene is ending. 

Georgie took an 18 billion dollar tax credit donating to himself via his charity. They all do it. Gates, Clintons et al. Create charities for the things they want to do and then give to those charities for a tax deduction. LOL no charity there except to self but if you want to believe these charities are doing something you wish go for it. Personally, I stopped giving to large charities after learning the dark side of the Red Cross. No thanks. But thank you for showing me what I dislike.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick traveled to Alcatraz Island to participate in the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering for Thanksgiving Thursday.  An event also called "Un-Thanksgiving Day."  I can say this young man is in for a tough year. You can tell just by what he imagines. He is not thankful and so it shall be. 

To see history from your current perception is the silliest thing in the world.  Put yourself in their shoes. Can you do that without the lens of your perception?

You want to cry for the Native Americans?  Ok go ahead. They did it themselves and they had to do it. They accepted these 'colonists' to get stuff they didn't have available. It's called trade. They didn't have to but they did. It takes two to tango.

If you have had good for a long time, like the Native American Indians had, you have to see the bad. You have to learn both sides of the coin and be immersed in it before you see it is just a coin. 

The mainstream media has picked up on the addiction to gadgets and social media. Boy are they late to the party!  Of course they enjoyed it when their narrative was being told and the end of this phenomena began with Google's eyeglass. No one cares. They are turning it off. They are checking their 'stuff' but not like they were. They aren't lining up for the next gadget.

The emergence of criticism of Facebook and Google in the mainstream media is a new and broad-based phenomenon: a year or two ago, there was little mainstream media criticism of these tech giants; now there is a constant barrage of sharp criticism across the media spectrum.

Even the technology writer for the Wall Street Journal is speaking in the same dark tones as other critics.

The critique of social media and mobile telephony, has reached surprising heights in a remarkably short time. An article from the Guardian (UK) compares Facebook and Google's social media empire to world religions in terms of scale, and calls them addictive and detrimental to health and democracy.

The horse has left the barn love and it was lovely while it worked for you but now that it is working against you, or so you perceive, you try to close the door to the barn. But the horse is gone.

These things are fun and lovely but they are not 'your' world. It is nice to see the show going on in other parts of the world, in DC, and California but in the end they are not my world. I do not invite them in. I enjoy their drama and comedy but it is theirs not mine. I am not on 24x7. I am too busy enjoying the world I live in. 


The all caps shouting is theirs.

Fake news tweets and social media posts that flooded the internet leading up to the 2016 presidential election came from a Russian troll factory that works around the clock like any IT facility - except lies were pumping out to control the American mind and put Donald Trump in the White House. 

Early this month, Twitter testified before Congress and provided the Senate Intelligence Committee with more than 2,700 accounts tied to the agency, while Facebook identified more than 80,000 pieces of content linked to the agency. 

Meanwhile, Google found about $4,700 worth of search-and-display ads with dubious Russian ties.

Bless their hearts! ROTFLOL 

$4,700 worth of search and display ads took down the Clinton campaign, despite the fact Clinton outspent Trump $969.1 million to $531.0 million according to a Bloomberg article on Campaign Fundraising.

What, what, what? LOL

Just because the elite, mainstream, whatever think the rest are stupid doesn't mean the rest are stupid. It is just what they think of those who do not believe as they do and there are millions who do not believe as they do and they can't stand it. They can't stand that they lost the narrative.

It wasn't like they weren't warned. When you look at numbers instead of people, when all you see are numbers then it is easy to call people deplorable. It is easy to treat the people as less than people when you are a master/bully. 

Sooner or later victims get tired of being victims and that is apparent in the US. No More. The balancing is happening. We have gone too far on both sides and now it is time for balance and that is what is happening. All the angst is just the conflict within showing up on the outside. Stay the course and it will all work out. It always does if you believe.

Most Americans are done being slaves/victims to the global order the UN, EU and CFR have been trying to create. They thought they had it all under control but that is the play. Enter a new way, a new narrative. The slaves/victims are rising up and saying no more but more importantly the majority are saying thank you for showing us what we dislike. Now we will go this way. No harm, no foul, we did it to ourselves and we will rise up and save ourselves.  It is all good.

The old man calls it disruption. The new man calls it expansion. The old man calls it madness. The new man calls it sanity. Which one do you believe? 

As things like vortex mathematics, and graphene batteries come to be, the entire landscape is changing. Fear has changed. It has become courage -  do you want to live forever

Instead of the people being afraid, scared, it is the ones who bullied them who are now scared and afraid. That's the way of the physical world. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you because they are going to do unto you what you believe and imagine of them unless they think for themselves. 

That is what they do not understand. Just because they though horrid things about the majority doesn't mean the rest think horrid things about them. Most pity them, tsk tsk, bless their hearts. Many are thankful the new man is here and the ugly of the old man is out there for all to see.

There is really no one to blame except self. That's ok. Forgive yourself for buying what another sold you and now choose for yourself. In the end you always do anyways. That is the only free will you have to choose whether to believe yourself or another. After that it is scripted out. 

All are lovely. All are doing the best that they can and all believe they are doing good. Only you know what is good for you. No one else in the world can make you believe anything. You choose to believe what you believe and you experience what you believe and imagine.

Up to you to choose what you will entertain in your thoughts.

I am thankful to all and love all and send blessings to all. I don't care what anyone says or does, I love them. They are all doing the best they can and they all believe they are doing good and so they are.

Take care,


S&P 500 Resistance –   2605, 2655

S&P 500 Support –     2575,  2560,  2530,  2505,   2478,  2422, 2400, 2375

Resting. Target 3200 remains.