Let's Draw Caves
Wow, at long last I am making videos again! Thank you to everyone here for cracking that Patreon milestone.

You will probably immediately notice a change in style; this video is deliberately casual and slow-paced, and there has also been a drop in audio quality. See, I have put video-creation off for so long because of the setup and interruption involved with each one, and my inability to reach my usual standard while travelling. 

My solution now is to just make do with what I have, wherever I am, and minimise the workload so that I can commit to making maps and not videos. I figure that more average-level videos published is better than my intermittent and burdening workflow before. Plus, I quite like the tea-drinking, laid-back style presented here. I hope that you agree.

That said, there are plenty of easily fixed issues in this video! First thing on my list is to purchase a good mic, as the audio quality is way below my personal standard. I'm also brainstorming some lighting ideas, so that I don't rely so much on the sun shining. Ideally I want it all to be portable, as I seem to be all over the place these days.

Please let me know if you have any solutions to these problems, and please also give your honest feedback regarding the whole video! Does anything stand out that can be improved? I want to hear it.

By the way, my recommendation for best viewing experience is to watch these on YouTube where, in the description, I have a list of shortcuts to different parts of the video that act as a summary. This way you can quite quickly absorb or revise the content, meandering commentary optional!

Of course, if you're like me and like watching long videos while doing other things, I have plenty more plodding commentary coming your way. ;)