Let's drown out & SBAJ subreddit!
And now for some light entertainment. So my buddy and SBAJ/MTP team member Trevor Rain thought it'd be fun to make a series of "let's drown out" videos as a change of pace from our other projects. Join us as we discuss video games, movies, current events and, of course, comics and digital art.

Our aim is to give you all a chance to get to know us, ask us questions and get inside our heads as we ramble over footage of videogames, think of it as a podcast with some visuals. For our first video I chose the game Valkyria Chronicles by Sega, it being one of my favorite games of all time, it's beautiful, clever and touching just like yours truly.

I'd also like to announce the creation of a Southern Belle AJ subreddit, where you can discuss the blog, have your questions answered and even submit questions and conversation topics for our let's drown out videos, click the link below to be whisked away there:


Let's drown out is a format coined by the brilliant Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, writer, game designer and creator of Zero Punctuation, why not check out his youtube channel?