Let's Dust This Off
Okay, so I've been kinda bad about updating this page, mainly because we've been so focused on creating content- the business-y side of things sometimes escapes me. 

So- let's make this worthwhile! I've updated all the graphics, levels, and rewards. I'm already working on some new Patron-exclusive videos for you all to enjoy.

I also was thinking about uploading uncut versions of our multi-cam videos for Patrons, so you could stick with your favorite member of the team through an entire video. Let me know what you guys think about that.

Expect more videos on Legundo, LegundoIRL, and TheLegundoFam as we keep creating new content for you. Here's hoping it's worth your while!

Until next time, all. Vote down in the poll for uncut videos, and keep being awesome!

Sure! Gimmie those uncut videos!

I wouldn't watch that, any other ideas?

2 votes total