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Let's Forget It Vol.29

Shout out to Lee Sullivan for pledging $5 per volume! 

You're an absolutely lovely man, and I have something on its way to you in the mail.  

Track 1: 'Godrays' 

A thin, illuminated veil saturating calm waters in a bronze glow, and pierced by sporadic daggers of sunlight. Interpreting the dynamic waves made in a lethargic synth soundscape, and providing sharp rhythms for temporal reference.


Track 2: 'April Sampson Kelly - Piano Macabre'

Bonding with my Aunt and her grand piano that lay halfway up the mountain in a secluded pocket of the world.


Track 3: 'Teddy Bears Picnic'
A demonstration of how to create a permanent connection between two people. This is forever now, Hayley. FOREVER AHAHAHAHAHAHA.