Let's Forget It Vol.33 - HIBERNATION
Good afternoon internet dwellers,

This will be my last  

LFI volume for a short time, and I'll be taking down all content from soundcloud, and my official site while I prepare the album for launch in late August.

Patrons, don't you worry, you will have exclusive access to each of the 99 tracks through my patreon page, as well as a private stream of/ upcoming weekly posts about the philosophy and practice behind 'Leaves, Earth'.

Any kind soul willing to pledge

$1+ each week

will reap the metaphorical nourishment from my past audible harvests, and all future fertile crops. All credits will go towards manifesting my dream: to live the rest of my life in an isolated recording studio cabin in the deep wood, and release freaky music in a vacuum, daily and gayly. 


I am very grateful to all who stopped for a few moments every weekend to dive into my stream of dank/ fresh releases, and binaural field recordings. You will live on in my cold, dead heart well after I'm selected for early consciousness transfer experiments. Trapped, like beetles in a fleshy cavern...

Anyway here's the 33rd

'Let's Forget It'

Volume, for your health.  

First up we have a rusty string of a song:

Track 1:

 'Alzheimers' (Like A Monstrous Lizard, 2011)

Composed under the influence of irrational fear, beginning the nightly routine of externalising thoughts before I showed signs of early onset dementia. 

Next is a live song that featured on FBi radios 'Up and Atom':

Track 2: 

'Schrodinger' (Boson, 2012)

A quick response to a confused state, having woken up midway through a violent dream.

And finally, a collaboration with my dear sister:

Track 3: 

'Sail Away'  

As pop as I can get before I become too sweet and eat myself to death.

Enjoy, friends!