Let's Get The Ball Rolling
Hey everyone!

So I've got this page set up now, and I'm wondering where I should start with my remixes?

Going through some of my WIP remixes, I've got:

-The Super Mario Bros star theme (working title "Superstar")

-Victory Road from Pokemon Red/Blue (working title "RED")

-Cinnabar Mansion from Pokemon R/B (working title "BLUE")

-A future bass Undertale remix (might just release this as a free little bonus mini-remix if I don't finish it)

And I've got a few other things I want to try remixing at some point:

-A few people have suggested doing other Danganronpa songs, so I might see what I can come up with

-I want to do more anime stuff

-I finally finished reading Homestuck recently, and I want to do a remix (suggestions for a specific track?)

-More Cave Story music (or Kero Blaster, which I just got around to playing a few weeks ago!)

-Splatoon, since Splatoon 2 is coming out soon

Anyway, let me know what tracks you'd like me to focus on (or suggest another song that you'd like to hear remixed!)

Maybe I'll post a poll once I narrow it down to a few really good potential tracks.

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