Let's get ready for this years festival season 🔥
Hey there once again :)
I have a question for you.

Are you ready to party?

Because my new mix is something for the party people and ravers among us.

Let me give you a little gif to get you in the mood for it already.

Looking exciting?

I know. I also can't wait until festival season is starting again. 
But there is good news. In not even a week from now this years' festival season is about to start again.
And if you are into the festival scene you likely already noticed where the gif above is from. 

Ultra Music Festival in Miami is always the first big event to start off the year. 2018 is no exception here.
Therefore I decided to already warm you up a little for the upcoming madness with a festival EDM styled live DJ mix of mine.
Oh and don't worry if you don't like every style of EDM. In this mix I mashed up so many different genres that you will find something for your taste in there ;D
From House, over Trap and Future Bass to some Hardstyle and Psytrance you can find everything in there.

Have I intrigued you?
Then let's not wait any longer.

Here is my newest mix for you!
(Feel free to have it play in the background since it is quite long) :P                                    

Do you feel warmed up now?

I surely do hahah.
So now Ultra Miami 2018 can come and we can start off into another year packed with parties.
Are you ready? ;)

Make sure to tell me which song of this has been your favorite in the comments :)
Really curious to hear about that!
See you there!

Also if you wanna get in touch and chat with me and other chill party people, feel free to join our Discord chat!
This is the invite link for it: https://discord.gg/QyjHET3

That's it again.
Hope you enjoyed this one :)
Until next time, stay happy and rave safely!