Let's Get Started

Hello World! Well after a good week of getting the bones of the project put together, I have learned why there are very few step by step guides to getting the unleashed lifestyle. You spend a lot of time researching what you might want to use and afterwards unless you chronicle the journey, you have difficulty remembering the steps it took to get you where you are and all the puzzle piece bits you had to fit together to get there. The first challenge was to try to figure out what I actually needed to put in place at the bare bones level. Here is what I came up with:

  1. A Blog post
  2. A Podcast
  3. A pathway for patrons to support the project
  4. Find a project to monetize what I know and can share with others

So here is what I found out thus far in order of the list above. The blog post and the Podcast are needed so I can share and chronicle the journey not really the meat of the project to get me to the goal of being unleashed. The Patreon account is to help support the sharing of the journey as well. So if you are following along and duplicating you can leave these steps out and begin at step 4.  To start…..there are a huge variety of choices in each category. What do you choose? I will give you the reasoning behind my initial choices. My goal for this project is to use as many (hopefully ALL) open source free resources. Because this project is basically a wild card…I may or may not be successful. I have decided to not have a huge cash outlay to get started. I am sure many of you have the same mind set. Can I set this up without breaking the bank. We will find out together!

Putting up a Blog

Setting up a blog post on its surface is not that hard. I chose WordPress because the blog setup is easy (click through the buttons after you register to get your first post up and live in 10-15 minutes tops)…yes that easy. My second choice is Tumblr ( I will talk more on this in a bit). Now here is where it gets more time consuming. While it only takes 10 minutes to put up a basic page you quickly find that it is…well, a basic page. You need to inject you into the page and the project. So, off you go finding interesting graphics and photos to place on your landing page and then you find you need an icon to brand your project and you need to choose a color theme to tie together your new brand for all the bits and pieces you will be building and connecting. Quickly half the day is gone. Hopefully, I can cut a huge portion of that time down for you. WordPress offers a basic picture that comes with the pages when you first set it up and it opens ( I was presented with a beautiful barn and pasture scene) but maybe you want something that better reflects your thoughts theme and direction. Pixabay.com to the rescue! Finding photos that are CCO public domain with no attribution required are what I sought, out-super important. Mostly out of concern that I may forget to place an attribute whenever I use a photo or have trouble finding the proper link to the attribute later when diving through the tons of files on my computer. I have serious “Where the heck did I put that file?” syndrome. So to find an icon to use for the blog post, podcast and twitter there were a couple of choices I entertained. First iconion is the classic developer’s site to download a custom icon creator. However, I did not want to download any new software if I didn’t have to but you may find this a great resource if you can’t find the icon that fits your vision in free resources-create your own. For me…..again….. Pixabay and CCO public domain no attribute license to the rescue. I first google image searched beach icons, then went to tools and clicked the labeled for reuse license in the drop down. Nothing worse than finding something perfect then finding out you have to pay for it. So I like to limit my visual choices to the free to open source use at the start. Google images let’s you do that with the tools drop down menu on the search bar. Turns out, I kind of fell in love with a puzzle piece pic that was randomly in the beach icon visuals and from there it was on Pixabay! Could not be better! Next was to put the visual pieces in place and start blogging. I promised I would talk more on Tumblr earlier. One of the largest pieces and hardest to achieve is getting people to know my little blog even exists. Outreach is huge and the support the site gives you to help letting others know your site/blog or podcast is there can make the difference between success and drifting in obscurity. I will have to let you know later whether WordPress gives enough support the the fledgling blog or if I will turn to Tumblr and check out their support in comparison. For now if you are following along…..Step 1 -get your blog up and running

Next post I will cover setting up the PodCast

Love to hear your comments, suggestions and anything positive you would like to share with others following along too.

As always, thanks for coming along on the journey and supporting this project on patreon.com/NEXT396