Let's Get Started
Hey guys, Micaela here!

After years of wishing I could find another way to fund our videos, I've finally caved in and created a patreon account. By no means does anybody have to pay, but I know that over the years, people have asked if there was any way to support us. Now there is.

I've taken a lot of this year off from "vlogging", because I wasn't happy with the direction I was going on my own. To be honest, as much as I know it's necessary to keep blogging, I just couldn't bring myself to keep making more of the same, if that makes any sense.

I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take the next step with Tatsu, but as more and more paying job offers came up, we kept getting pulled our separate ways (Tatsu is often requested as a director/videographer, and sponsors who request me on YouTube just want more of the same.)

If we don't start to establish ourselves as a duo, I'm afraid we'll be stuck in this limbo of being eternally too-busy-for-each other.

So, last month Tatsu and I took the first of what I hope are many "work trips" together. We travelled to the beautiful Io-jima in southern Kagoshima, and tried out their naturally-occuring hot springs, on the edge of the water.

So this is the video I'll be working on next. We arrived on the verge of a typhoon, and we had to cut our stay short, but we spent the whole day outside exploring, and I want to show you this magical place. It has a really interesting history, as it used to be a popular destination after the war, it even had a high-class hotel that imported peacocks to the island. Now, in 2017, the hotel is long gone, but the peacocks remain, and run rampant all over the island.

It's really hard to get to (we had to hire a plane to fly us there), and not somewhere a lot of people would think to visit, but it was really great to get to explore it with Tatsu.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know what we're working on at the moment.

You can always follow us on Instagram if you want to know where we are in the moment, but I'll try to post more detailed updates here when I can.