I'm brand  spanking new to Patreon and am looking forward to creating lots of new content on this Adventure.  But I need your help. I have some things in the works coming sooner rather that later, but I'd also like to know what people would like to see (or hear) from me.

One of the major things coming is a comic project I'm fleshing out and thinking of ways to involve the community to really bring it to life.

I also intend to have videos, tutorials, maybe podcasts, Q&A's, and other things that are almost fleshed out.

But what would you like to see? How can I help YOU?

I will be adding art this page this week. But if you want to see what to look forward to (for the most part) please check out my Instagram page (@BillJersey) or my facebook page linked in the bio :D

Thats all I can really say for now. Along with additional project info will also come a Calender. So everyone can follow along easily.

Thank you to everyone that comes along on this ride. I'll do my damnedest. And lets have some FUN!!