Let's Get This Party Started!
Considered this bad boy launched! [ Sort of ] I'm still working on the kinks . Checking typos, grabbing all my things in order, showing you [and most importantly, myself ] that I'm ready for such a big commitment. I've always been terrified of commitment. And I'm sure there are a lot of people who are too. But this is something I really want, and I hope people will get over their fear of commitment , too , to help me! It will be a big journey we can go on together! Ahem, Anyway! I'm juggling projects, but one I really want to commit to is THE 100 cosplays of CeCe Corgi . Or #100Cece if people want to start tagging it. With this project I'll be drawing Cece The Cosplay Corgi in 100 different character costumes. She's gonna be the most ultimate cosplayer! I wonder how she does it [ thats gotta be expensive ].