Let's get this webcomic started!
So, here we go, I’m taking the big step ^_^ You've probably seen these pictures that I posted here and on my DA: http://triaelf9.deviantart.com/art/Of-Dragons-and-Heroes-367383789 http://triaelf9.deviantart.com/art/Pathways-404435914?q=gallery%3ATriaElf9%2F7543190&qo=1 http://triaelf9.deviantart.com/art/Respite-398463252?q=gallery%3ATriaElf9%2F7543190&qo=2 The art above is from a series that I really want to start, but am unable to currently due to time and money, sadly. It’s a high fantasy setting, but very different from the usual high fantasy setting (but with more diversity than the usual straight white men living in medieval Western Europe) among many other things I hope to include (*cough*TherewillbeDragons*cough*). I hope this sounds intriguing, because I would really like to share even more with everyone. Reaching my goal would mean I could post it online and share it with the world! How can we get this comic drawn you may ask? Well there’s always the super awesome option of some publisher spotting it, flying down from the heavens and choosing me with their magic fairy wands to draw for them (that’s how it works, right? :P), but there is also the slightly more realistic way of Patreon ^_^ If I’m able to reach the Milestone goal of $700 a month, I will be able to start this webcomic, updating twice a week with extra colored art per month. But that’s not all! There are two other milestone goals before this one, a monthly livestream (watch me draw!) and even one for 2 more Peter Pan pages per month (for those Peter Pan fans). Additionally, there are reward levels for each pledge amount (early access to colored illustrations, access to twice weekly WIPs, access to a private Tumblr and entry to the birthday card club, and even a sketch club option!) So please, if you would like to see webcomics out there like what I’m hoping to do, something that reflects more of the diversity of the world we live in, where knowledge and learning AND emotion go hand in hand, and where Dragons aren’t automatically evil, or even if you just like comics and like to support comic creators, share the link around, and help get the word out there! My voice is only so loud (especially on the internet ahah), so any and all help is much appreciated ^_^ Thank you so much for all your support, since those of you who are getting this are already supporting me ^_^ Just getting the word out there to other comic lovers, that would be so great! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my far, FAR too long a post, and let’s make this happen!