Let's get this show back on the road!
Hey hey hey hi hey HELLO! For those of you that follow my twitter, you'll know I've been busy with a project I've been pretty QUIET ABOUT. However, it's a bit too big for the current team (read: literally only me), as well as my level of experience.

So first up:
Puro is a little robot who journeys into an ancient, wish-granting factory to get her voice back. Gameplay is 2.5D with a focus on puzzles and bosses, and will be a bit on the smaller side, and draws heavy inspiration from titles such as Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and Kirby 64, as well as bits and pieces from titles like Super Mario Bros. 2 and even Final Fantasy XIV. I wanna use this opportunity to refine both the gameplay and the engine of the project that follows as best I can, so I'm turning to all of you for this. The beta will become available to $5+ patrons only sometime this spring with regular updates. I will be actively seeking feedback because I want this and what follows to be the best damn game it can be.

All the time people be asking me, "Taxiderby (me), that thing you did. How do you do the thing??" WELL IF YOU WANT MY SECRETS YOU CAN HAVE THEM...... FOR A PRICE. Subjects include animation techniques, code secrets, gameplay philosophy, and, iunno, maybe I'll teach you how to cook something??? Tutorials will arrive twice a month for $2+ patrons, with a couple free exceptions.

I've been in a self-imposed crunch time for 2 weeks now and I'm going to lay face down on the floor for like the next six hours. For existing patrons and any that have just joined, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!