Let's get this show on the Road!
Under Creations, I will upload the first two weeks of Frank and Steinway so that you can get acquainted with our lovable losers (I would love to upload all 12 at once but the creations page only allows one post per day it seems. From there, I will be uploading new strips, as I do not want to show strips that will be appearing in the newspapers. They're paying for the right to show my strips. So, I won't undercut them. I hope you guys can understand. They get first dibs on those. However, on this page, I will creating strips and stories that will never appear on the newspapers! That way every one is happy! Thanks! I hope you guys will give us a chance! Oh! and feel free to post your questions, comments and whatever comes to mind here. Please respect etiquette rules. I like nice conversation, I don't respond to bad language or rude behavior. You can post critiques as long as they are diplomatic and respectful. Anything else, I will remove. Thank you!
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