Let's make cool things!
I've been wanting to make a series where I take a close look at certain games I love or have a strong affinity with for a long while now so why not give it a go?  My ultimate goal (covered one at a time in the stretch goals you see there) is to create a long form video titled Deep Dive with an accompanying podcast and streams of said game.

So to show you how this will hopefully all look I'm going to do one of these over the course of February taking a look at Halo 4! The Halo series holds a place in my heart but 4 was the first time I remeber the series not connecting fully with me. There were amazing plot points and a great story to be told but I want to go back and see what did and didn't work for me in 343's first go round at their own Halo game.  I'll be posting a schedule for when I'm streaming the game here so you can come and watch and we can discuss the game together!

Let's do this thing!