Lets Play Astroneer!
Astroneer is a fun and artfully done no-HUD concept style game that puts you in the boots of an astronaught just trying to survive. As the game is early access there is only so much that can be done for now. That doesn't mean that there isn't already alot to the game however. You spend some time going around the starting planet collecting resources. Then use those resources to build your base and find new, unknown objects to reseach. With them you will unlock new things to build and make exploration of the whole solar system much easier. Just make sure you dont forget your tethers! Lest you be caught far away from your nearest source of fresh air. All in all though the game is fun and great to look at. The tools and inventory handling are simple and easy. The vehicles are fun just to go driving around in but also make it much easier to collect resources. Great game so far and I am excited for whats to come next!