Let's Play: "Agent A: Chapter 3" - Part 1/2 - AppleTV
Agent A, is a super cool, Puzzle/Adventure type game, played in 1st person. It's pretty unique for Apple TV, at the time, and I highly recommend trying it. Chapter 1 & 2, originally ended in a Cliff Hanger. Then, they released chapter 3, for FREE, as an update to owners of the base game. So, basically, now you get 1,2, & 3. Totally worth it. 

In this Video, we never leave the 1st room (I believe the 1st room, is the entire chapter)! Reminds me of the game "The Room", in how the 1st room, is made of of many puzzles, and even does much shape-shifting, to create new puzzles. It's super cool, but very different, from the 1st two chapters, which had you moving about, often.