Let's Play AI - Far Cry 3
Hello everyone! I've been busy working on future videos: doing a lot of reading as part of the research element. But also, playing games. Largely because I need the footage to actually make the content, right? So I'm in the process of developing material for Far Cry 3 and - at the behest of students in my AI class - I was convinced to do a Let's Play video and recorded a voice over throughout some of my initial playtime. Now you'll note I've made this free content, given that this is just a video and sort of goes against the initial Patreon description of being video/article combos. In short, I don't fancy simply dropping a video in and charging everyone for the privilege, given that seems unfair. Rather, I'd like to hear from you and see if this is something you would be happy to support. If so, then we can look into that for future iterations. If not, then I'm happy to leave these as free content. So please leave me some feedback either in the feed or drop me a message on twitter @GET_TUDA_CHOPPA. With that, I give you my first Let's Play AI! I hope you enjoy it.
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