Let's Play: Dungeons and Dragons Online. The Catacombs P4, The Crypt of Gerard Dryden
So, my test on seeing if putting them on here first would have any effect worked out well.

Again, i want to be upfront.

Posting here without all the formatting makes my life easier by orders of magnitude, especially when i'm busy. It lets people who really want to watch my videos see them sooner.

But, ultimately the video gets formatted anyway, and anyone would be able to see it. It also draws people here, where hopefully, one of them will loose their minds and give me a dollar.

I've never overtly asked for money, and i don't foresee that changing, but i might have "suggested" people click on adds that might show up.

I will never demand money for anything, nor will i hold back videos or do anything else of the sort.

But, money is sorta nice and all.


From now on, most videos i post here, i'll come back to and add an edit too.

Not always, but sometimes.

I'll also correct the typos i missed the first time around.

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