Let's Play FTL Captain's Edition Starter A (Kestrel) Part I explode.
This is basically everything wrong with FTL.

Against an enemy i should have, and could have defeated easily, i was hindered by misses.

You know, that thing i have no control over, that's just a roll of dice that either makes things work out well, or makes things not work at all.

then, as i struggled to disable the shields, every time i managed to hit it, it resisted the damage to the subsystem.

So i wasn't defeated by a more powerful foe, i was severely damaged by a random number generator.

But i held on, and searched desperately for a store, Through an entire sector, and then through 75% of a second one, and no store.


And then finally, i die.

Not to fleet artillery, or a missile weapon, not to an acid hazard or mine field, not to boarders or a full volley, not to a shield piercing beam or ASB, no, none of those.


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