Let’s Play the @LeafyIsHere Drinking Game!
Poisoning the Well - Episode 23: LeafyIsHere has arguably been the fastest growing YouTube channel of 2016.  With a new video out almost every day, millions of viewers get a dose of Leafy every 24 hours.  PhatPat and So Fain are two of these people.  With a vast collection of issues that they need to drown in a bottle, the guys at Poisoning The Well turn to a new activity...  The LeafyIsHere Drinking Game.  It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s a new game every day!  Prepare to let all of those worries float away...  Grab your livers and your booze and let’s play the Leafy Drinking Game!

Thanks for all of the support!  The next video will be out within the next 2 weeks...  We promise!

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