Let's Play Software Inc Alpha 9 - Episode 13 - Skoon Universe
Skoon Universe released! The world's first MMO! Text-based. ♥

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Software Inc - http://bit.ly/2n9Ss1R (homepage)

Beeskee's Software Inc Let's Play - Series Playlist: http://bit.ly/2mwr6kY

"Construct and design buildings for optimal working conditions. Hire people to design and release software, so you can defeat the simulated competition and take over their businesses. Manage and educate your employees to make sure they are skilled and satisfied with their job. - Software Inc. is currently in early access for Windows, Linux and Mac." - Software Inc Homepage

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Software Inc Home - http://bit.ly/2n9Ss1R (Check this page for sales!)

Software Inc on Steam - http://bit.ly/2n9VeEh (Check this page for Steam sales!)

Free demo! http://bit.ly/2n9Ss1R

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