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Let's Play Mass Effect 2: Beckii with an "I" - Part 9
In this Mass Effect 2 Playthrough episode the SpudMuffins talk “creamy social justice,” eyebrows, hot wax, hormones and leg hair, asses, estrogen,  Persona 4, Bioware Dungeons and Dragons CRPGs, all of the console games we want to play once we can get this adapter:  , fedora-fueled “female chauvinism,” Meowsogyny, Puptriarchy, and Pawtriarchy, Persona 3 and video game romances, transmisogyny and TERF, TERD, and TWERF bullshit, Eternal Darkness and Delia and Lilith’s aversions to horror, the frightening similarities between Kelly Chambers and Delia’s ex-girlfriend Kelly, Silent Hill, and Half-Life,

Meanwhile commander Beckii with an “I” Shepard is a petty bitch, flirts with the “dorky lesbian redhead,” and considers flirting with Jacob.

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