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Let's Play Shadow of Mordor - Part 2: Twilight and Shadow
A little something to kickstart the weekend: a new let's play diary on Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.  We're slowly putting together The Killer Groove right now - it's in editing right now as all recording is down, but I pushed this video through last night as I wanted to get some content up on the channel.  It's been a little quiet the last two weeks up there.

In part 2 I actually fall prey to the Nemesis system for the very first time (spoiler alert: I die in the opening minutes) and that allows for the systems behaviour to fully come into effect.  It's pretty fun once we see all these things begin to come together like this.  

What's interesting is that while the systems in place are rather formulaic and structural, the game goes out of it's way to make you aware of them.  The Uruk hierarchy is something that could easily be obscured in the game code and not presented to the player.  However, it enriches your experience given you're aware of the changes happening and also making efforts to induce change yourself.

Also the game establishes the notion of 'legacy' for the first time, by having characters who killed me or saw me die remember me and challenge me again.  It's kinda funny that they sort of ignore the fact I have somehow came back from the dead, but then it plays heavily to the overall design of the game.

In short: I'm really enjoying this game right now.  Looking forward to talking about it more with you in future.  Hope you enjoy the video!

Next week, we'll have a newsletter update, at least one Unity tutorial and - hopefully - the latest Case Study will be ready to go!


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