Let's Play The Sims 4 Trial - Episode 1
Let's Make Fun of The Sims 4 XD

There are a few places where the game fell short, or where the trial is lacking.

The most glaring one is the completely empty city of Newcrest. Is it supposed to be empty? I don't know? Maybe this isn't supposed to be unlocked in the trial? Either way, that empty town looks so sad. XD

Another is that the small neighborhoods restrict movement and access. LGR covered this in his reviews also - I feel that the new expansions which allow businesses in residential lots would really help here. Unfortunately, since that content is part of an expansion, it can't be included.

I realize the alternative of including everything at once means that the game will take 10 years to develop and cost $200+. I just think they should include more features in the base game, or import the features into the base game so that the functionality is available to all - the content can be saved for later.

Of course, if they release a "Furries!" expansion, I'm doomed. XD

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