Let's Play Tibia: Tasking Djinns at Ashta'daramai (ENG)
So, it's amazing how certain things can change the value of a hunting spot. For example, a normal undead area, add bone beasts, suddenly it's a task spot.

Certain monsters just bring something really good to the game, whether that is good exp for their relative power, good loot, good cash, or just by being a task monster, you can add them anywhere and make things better.

On the other hand, the opposite exists. Monsters that you can add anywhere, and they make it worse. Ghosts, Stalkers, Fire elementals are some example.

All give bad loot, all give bad exp, and all are either dangerous, or hard to kill. They simply make everything worse.

This place is cursed with Fire Elementals, monsters that give low exp, no loot, and deal tons of damage. And those Fire Elementals, basically make this place worthless.

Don't hunt here.