Let's Play Tibia: Looking for the Old and Used Backpack (ENG)
So now i have two of these up, and we'll see if the results hold true or something like that.

Also, i really don't have the time to edit fully, or even make another video now.


This edit stuff wont always happen, since sometimes i will write commentary when i put it up, but here i didn't, so we get an edit.

I'm not exactly sure when the old and used bp thing happened, but i had heard about it a long time ago for sure. In fact, i had gone exploring at the orc fort just to try and find it. Of Course, i didn't know it could only show up in that room, as annoying as that is. In fact, i probably never even went to that room, so i would have never found it.

And now, knowing it's that room, i'll still never find it.

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