Let's Play Tibia: FDR Ep5, Should Abortion be legal? (ENG)
Originally, i placed the common after a space following EP5, and right next to the S in Should. Had to fix that. It was a minor mistake, but those don't happen too much, considering how little text is actually typed by me.

Anyways, every time i make these political ones, i get real nervous. Generally, i think i can convince a person, when speaking in person, of my views. But a lot of that is reading the person's mental state and altering my arguments an approach based on that.

If something doesn't go over right, i can rehash it and go over it again, if something goes really well, i can keep targeting that point.

Here though, i'm just orating to nothing. With nothing to give em ques about how it's going, i can't adjust, so i get real nervous, especially since i'm talking about emotionally charged topics.