Let's Play Tibia: Paladin from start to... Part 100 [Stream Recording]. (ENG)
I'm generally pretty awful at PVP in tibia, for the most part, i panic and flail about and then die. I'm also, rarely, carrying the kind of supplies that i'd need to not be doomed. Even on silveus, when i'm going into a hunt, i have maybe 100-200 SMP and 10 spirit pots. Of course, silveus is on non pvp.

Leaf here, had like 15 pots? no where near enough.

But, since it was my leaf 100, i was taking it easy and was just gonna let whatever happened, happen, so i didn't panic as much as i would have normally.

So in a way, this was pure, unpaniced silveus pvp at it's finest.

And i sucked.