Let's Play with Nanai! Upcoming Contents Idea | 「なないちゃんとあそぼ!」冬コミ最低限実装内容
Hello Backers! (and to those who are interested in Let's Play with Nanai!)
Season is turning to fall - hope you do not catch a cold!

By the way, we finally have nailed down some of the content goals we like to integrate into Let's Play Nanai! by the time of Winter Comic Market - which is held at the end of this December.

We hope you are excited with those idea - and we would love to receive your feedback :)
If you are not a backer already and have tried Let's Play with Nanai, and like the project, we truly appreciate if you can support us on Patreon too!


■ Edit Algorithm around the neck motion
→ To make the movement even more smooth

■ Re-recording the voice          
→ The current voice sounds a bit boring - therefore, we like to improve the voice so that it sounds more natural

■ Adding more phrases           
→ Increasing the variation of Nanai's phrases

■ Smooth position movement      
→ There is a delay in position change when switching from cowgirl position to others - we like to improve this

■ Add new position            
→ At least, we like to add side-by-side position, and if the resource and time allows, add sitting position.

(Temp Idea)■ Stereophonic sound         
→ Bring the voice source near the mouth. (We are researching the best SDK for stereophonic sound. We also need to find a solution for real-time rendering for this.)( No Binaural sound support at this time))

We are working hard, and with your help, we hope to bring Nanai to the next stage.

Thank you so much!

VRJCC & ImagineVR







→ 動作のなめらかさを実現する

→ 現状の音声だと棒読み感が強いので、より自然体な音声に差し替える (新規録音)

→ セリフのバリエーションを増やす

→ 騎乗位から側位に移るときなどに動作がどうしてもプレイヤーより遅くなってしまう

→ 最低限、側位は追加 対面座位は余裕があれば実装する

→ 音声の音源を口元に持ってくる (立体音響SDKが見つかってリアルタイムレンダリングの目途がついたら(バイノーラルはやらない))





VRJCC & ImagineVR