Let's Read Ace Academics Results

This post is late because, strangely, running a poll from Wednesday to Wednesday does not, in fact, let you talk about the poll until Thursday. GO ME!

The poll has ended in a tie! I... admit I did not see that one coming. Tied are:

  • Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives 
  • Asexual Resonances: Tracing a Queerly Asexual Archive 

Since the latter is a shorter paper and not a whole book, what I'm going to do is tackle that one next Wednesday and then start on Asexualities the week after that.

 To recap, this is what the two tied options are about:

Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives edited by Karli June Cerankowski and Megan Milks. This is the second of academic textbooks collecting papers on asexuality that I know of. I read it... a few years back. It's from 2014, so about a year after the journal publication of Asexuality and Sexual Normativity. This books focuses predominantly on, as the title suggests, feminist and queer theory and how asexuality relates to it.

There are 16 papers in all, divided into six parts. I really enjoyed the majority of the essays (bar one; that one can go hang) in this volume and would be excited to revisit them with a firmer grounding than I had then. This is by far the longest project simply because this is 16 papers rather than just the one.

Asexual Resonances: Tracing a Queerly Asexual Archive by Ela Przybylo and Danielle Cooper is a 23-page paper from 2014 about the archiving of asexuality. Basically, from what I can tell because it doesn't start with an abstract, it's about the tension between academic research and asexual activism.

I've added links! The first one leads to Amazon, but do note it's available at most eretailers. The second leads to researchgate where I found the copy of the paper. If you've been wanting to read along with these, now you can!

That also means we have a schedule!

  • March 27: Discussion of Asexual Resonances
  • April 3: Discussion of Asexualities Introduction & Mismeasures of Asexual Desires
  • April 10: Discussion of Inhibition, Lack of Excitation, or Suppression: fMRI Pilot of Asexuality
  • April 17: Discussion of “There’s No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship”: Asexuality’s Sinthomatics
  • April 24: Discussion of Radical Identity Politics: Asexuality and Contemporary Articulations of Identity
  • May 1: Discussion of Stunted Growth: Asexual Politics and the Rhetoric of Sexual Liberation
  • May 8: Discussion of On the Racialization of Asexuality
  • May 15: Discussion of Spectacular Asexuals: Media Visibility and Cultural Fetish
  • May 22: Discussion of Aliens and Asexuality: Media Representation, Queerness, and Asexual Visibility
  • May 29: Discussion of Compulsory Sexuality and Asexual/Crip Resistance in John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus
  • June 5: Discussion of “Why Didn’t You Tell Me That I Love You?”: Asexuality, Polymorphous Perversity, and the Liberation of the Cinematic Clown
  • June 12: Discussion of Masculine Doubt and Sexual Wonder: Asexually-Identified Men Talk About Their (A)sexualites
  • June 19: Discussion of Asexualities and Disabilities in Constructing Sexual Normalcy
  • June 26: Discussion of Asexuality and Disability: Mutual Negation in Adams v. Rice and New Directions for Coalition Building
  • July 3: Discussion of Deferred Desire: The Asexuality of Chronic Genital Pain
  • July 10: Discussion of “What to Call That Sport, the Neuter Human …”: Asexual Subjectivity in Keri Hulme’s The Bone People
  • July 17: Discussion of Toward an Asexual Narrative Structure

And then you all get to vote on things again. But wow, look. That's almost FOUR MONTHS worth of discussion incoming! Eep.

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