Hi guys, how are you? I'm really really fine, because now I have my first Patron, yeaaaah! *^* I was waiting for this moment since I created my Patreon account, because I didn't know if my works would be ignored or not. Now I have the confirmation: I have my fist Patron, so I know that someone has some kind of interest in my drawings! So, the work begins: from now, I'll start doing works exclusively for my Patreon account!

To start, I let you see my profile cover complete: a fanart from Card Captor Sakura! I did this drawing before creating my Patron account, and of course I still didn't define the rewards. I cancelled the working file (I'm stupid, lol) so I haven't the clean lineart for this illustration. To remedy, I will allow my Patron to have this image without a background, so he/she can have fun with collages and similar things.