Let’s take it a step further

After walking from the town of Bălan to the bear orphanage to show you how isolated our project is, today we have a surprise for you.

We will take you a step further into the wilderness. With the help of Leo’s homebuilt drone and Gabi’s DSLR camera attached to it we put together a virtual. Because access is strictly forbidden in the area we thought of bringing you a bit closer to the Bear Orphanage through the lens of the camera.

And boy, did we have a surprise! 

It was the first time seeing the forest and enclosures for above too. The cold weather and heavy snowfall leveled the thick vegetation and we could get a clearer picture of how wild this place actually is. 

No wonder that the baby bears that are lucky enough to arrive in our care are having such a great time here.

Soon enough the five cubs that are hibernating under the snow blanket will wake up. We are ready to guide their steps towards wilderness once more and we are prepared to greet newcomers that need our help.

Stay tuned! 

We have many other great stories to share with you from the Rehabilitation Center for Orphan Bears.