Let's Take A Lil Stroll To The Temple, Shall We?
Welcome again, to me rambling about my passion, a combination of both my spirituality, and Legend of Zelda! In this post, I'll try to show ya how I currently envision heading towards the temple.. and entering it. Ready for a little adventure? ...so first you'd get to the property, park your bike/vehicle/horse/etc.. and look around to see the entrance to a hiking trail ahead. (Of course this being Legend of Zelda-based, there are bound to be secret shortcuts.. somewhere... around.. here..) ... But.. if this is your first time to the temple, it's highly unlikely that those shortcuts are open to you just yet! (Also, let's just assume that there are secrets everywhere..) So! Off we go, on the trail we blaze! Until we get to.. a crossroads! In the center of it, is a lil stone lantern, that has markings and carvings on it, that make it look a bit like an unactivated Breath of the Wild guardian, covered in moss. There's a sign nearby the stone lantern, that says, in both Hylian and English (possibly other languages! Gerudo, too), directions for the path up ahead.. Straight ahead, would be continuing towards the temple. But left or right.. these head towards some campsites and other visitor amenities (ie, bathrooms, etc).. So let's just stay on the main path for now, shall we? And eventually, we find.. An enormous waterfall, with a secret path behind it! From which we soon come upon the Temple entrance.. which leads through a.. Labyrinth! And at the center of this Labyrinth is.. A hexagonal Fairy Fountain, with statues of the Three Golden Goddesses at its center, while at each corner of the hexagon, just above each column, is an engraving of one of the Ocarina of Time elemental medallions.. This is in no way all there is to this temple, though!