Let's Talk Rewards
Let's take a minute to explore those reward tiers a little bit, and see which one works best for you.

I've created 3 reward tiers, each based on a monthly contribution. Patrons in every tier will have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes info and sneak peek photos that I post on Patreon, as well as early notice of new pattern releases, contests, KALs  and other news. There are also specific rewards for each tier:

Neighbors: $1 per month/$12 per year

This is a great way to dip your toe into the Patreon experience, just 1 buck a month. In return, you get 2 free MPD patterns each year. When you see a new release that you HAVE to have, just shoot me an email. I'll send you a Ravelry coupon code and voila, it's in your library--easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You also get access to MPD's free pattern library. This includes patterns previously available for free download on Ravelry, as well as some former pay-per-download patterns that I've  revamped and am now offering gratis--just for patrons!

Amigos: $6 per month/$72 per year 

If you find yourself snapping up new MediaPeruana Designs patterns every month, this is a great option for you--you're essentially pre-ordering every new indie pattern! Best of all, you don't have to do anything--I'll add it to your Ravelry library as soon as it's released.

You also get access to MPD's free pattern library, as described above, as well as free participation in a pattern pre-release KAL or mystery KAL every year. This KAL will be structured much like 2016's Rayado KAL, with sections of a brand new pattern delivered to participants each week, along with bonus tips, tricks and tutorials!

Lastly, I'll be recording special weekly (hopefully) videos just for patrons at this level and above. You'll see my pattern photo shoots, watch my swatches turn into finished samples, visit fiber events with me and other fun stuff throughout the year--like mini video podcasts!

 BFFs: $10 per month/$120 per year 

For the ultimate MediaPeruana Designs fan, this tier is the best way to get all my newest patterns, as well as stock up on older patterns. 

In addition to all the perks offered in the "Amigos" tier, you'll get early access to every indie pattern I publish; download the Beta version of the pattern here on Patreon, and the official version will be added to your Ravelry library when it's published!

You'll also receive a quarterly coupon code for a free pattern, so you can snap up older patterns you've been admiring, or purchase previously-exclusive patterns that are re-released as indie patterns (hint: 3 previously-exclusive patterns are set to be re-released as indie patterns in 2017)! 

Questions? Suggestions? New reward ideas? Let me know!