Let's Talk About Revenue
You've probably noticed that as YouTube becomes more of an advertisement wasteland I've been trying to add a bunch more revenue streams to my life. I've had my eggs in the YouTube basket for too long and it's time I threw some into the baskets marked with things like "Twitch" and "That secret project I've not even slightly mentioned yet."

When it comes to revenue I've always avoided is brand deals (and I'll continue to, I find them mostly gross TBH) and affiliate stuff. It's important to me that I stay honest in my videos and that developers never have to pay any kind of fee to get me to play thier games. I'm not going to "sell" games through Twitch because I have no idea where my cut comes from. On Steam a developer gets 70% of the money when you buy a game. Any less than that isn't something I'm interested in.

This is where Chrono.gg comes in. If you've not heard of it, it's a daily deal kind of site with a single game each day that changes every 24 hours. They work directly with indie devs and are building up a name for themselves as a decent site to work with. 

Last night (Actually very early this morning. Sleep is elusive right now) I had a chat with the CEO of the company about the potential of working with them. This idea was suggested to me by TB who has been working with them for the past year or so. We came up with an agreement and I want to share these terms with you guys before anything gets signed. I think it's important that you guys know what's up before anything happens. Transparency is important in things like this. 

1. The Devs get a 70% cut of all sales like normal. I would only take from Chrono's side.

2. I never have to cover anything. Ever. I can sign today and never mention anything about it again.  

3. It'll never be mentioned or used on the channel. I'll only use the link when an old game I've previously said I like is on sale. That means the only place this will effect is the odd #Ad tweet and possibly on streams if people wish to see the game again on it's sale day. I won't play a new game on sale day to promote it. This will just be for games I've already said are good.

4. I have been offered codes for all the games that appear on the site. This one is a bit of a double edge sword. On one hand it means I get my hands on cool new games that I can play AFTER the sale and still be supporting the developers in the usual way, just without the usual cost burden. On the other hand I don't want it to seem that I'll only play a game if the developers work with this site. 

5. Chrono control what games go on sale. I don't have anything to do with that. This means that I wont suddenly start being lovely to everything because I have no idea what's going to turn up on thier sales. 365 games per year sounds like a lot but that many new games turn up on steam every month. We should be fine.

6. I can cancel at any time and for any reason.

I think that's everything. If you have any questions etc let me know below. I'm bringing you lot in because this is something new for me and I want to make sure I remain moneterily unbiased.* If you think it's great, terrible, somewhere in between just let me know! 

Oh, Saturday's video may be the best video ever. Never laughed so hard in a video in my life. Get hype.

- Dan

PS. All this will be mentioned in a video when finalised. It's going to be patron only info while it's being worked out. 

PPS. Sorry for this terrible wall of text. I haven't slept for days thanks to stress and everything's a bit foggy.

*I will still keep the following Biases:

Fuck JRPGs

Minions are funny

I hate Buzzfeed

Han Shot first 

Watermelon is the best flavour of sweet

Matt Smith is the best Doctor

Razer could beat Hypno Disc

The Star Trek rebooted movies suck