wow, that wasn't a lot about the technicality of designing characters, was it? it was more of a personal story. but it has a happy ending! i was thinking about my failed visual novel experience and how i gave up pretty easily upon hitting a few obstacles. i think that's basically my problem - and the problem of many artists - is that it's hard to stick with one project, and especially if you don't have any technical monetary gain from sticking through something to the end, it's easy to just move on to the next thing. unfortunately, the same thing will probably happen to that thing too! anyway, today i sat down and redesigned what used to be tiramisu. there were a few things i was considering - how i originally wanted her to have ringlets but decided that they were too difficult for me to draw (i was really lame back then), how i wanted the game to be more inclusive of people who aren't normally represented in media (and shouldn't a sentient cake being be more...fat?), and how just because i didn't want her to be based on a singular dessert didn't mean it was time to retire her completely. besides, strawberries are much cuter! ♥ (if you want to see parts 1-3 and read more about the journey of this character's design, please subscribe!)
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